Wednesday, 30 June 2010

As we all know since the Fridays update things have been really slow over at SWTOR.
A little good news for BW in winning best RPG. This maybe the 1st time a MMORPG has won the best RPG before.

So another Gratz to BW + LA :)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Blood of the Empire, Issue #7 Leaked

Yes I know what your thinking..... BW has more leaks than something that leaks a lot right.
The web comic was posted in German and 1 of the forum members (Kyne) translated it to English.
Well here's the link Enjoy.

GameSpots E3 Awards

Star Wars The Old Republic gets best MMO.

Friday Update

Sean Dahlberg has at long last posted when the Friday update will be.

FINAL UPDATE [6:05PM CDT]: Just to let everyone know, we will be putting up the latest issue of the Blood of the Empire within the hour. We thank you for your patience and understanding and definitely check back in next week.

Sadly my earlier post predicting a comic after E3 was right after all.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Late Friday Update

Over at the SWTOR forums Sean Dahlberg posted this latest addition-

Just wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow's update will be running late tomorrow. How late? Hard to say at this point but I should have some more info early tomorrow (that is, early my time). I'll update this thread (and the first post) with such information.

We may see a nice update, and not just the Web Comic, which tends to happen so soon after info overload after E3.

Beta Rumors

Rumors of Closed beta seem to be hotting up on the swtor forums of late. Sean Dahlberg has never been so active and trying to put people right on the NDA.
Lets see what the Friday update brings are way.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

E3 Trailers

Like any blog following TOR it's only fitting I have some E3 Trailers, and mine will be no exception.
So let me start with Hope.

Blur out did themselves again, and many SWTOR followers are crying out for a full length movie. Well I for one would be stocked for a movie from Blur.

Another video from E3, Player Ships.

This reveal was massive, the scale of the player ships are huge. The style some what follows the KOTOR games, smashed the the Star War movies.
Each player having his/her own ship that is pacific to there class. This is by far the best art we have seen come from TOR.
Though as a side note, I cant help in thinking this would put an end to player housing. As these ships act as a mobile home/storage and a place to interact with your companions.