Thursday, 24 June 2010

E3 Trailers

Like any blog following TOR it's only fitting I have some E3 Trailers, and mine will be no exception.
So let me start with Hope.

Blur out did themselves again, and many SWTOR followers are crying out for a full length movie. Well I for one would be stocked for a movie from Blur.

Another video from E3, Player Ships.

This reveal was massive, the scale of the player ships are huge. The style some what follows the KOTOR games, smashed the the Star War movies.
Each player having his/her own ship that is pacific to there class. This is by far the best art we have seen come from TOR.
Though as a side note, I cant help in thinking this would put an end to player housing. As these ships act as a mobile home/storage and a place to interact with your companions.

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