Monday, 31 October 2011

Friday Update - Voidstar And Warzone

This weeks update is the PvP warzone Voidstar.

 Its an assault type scenario like those found in Unreal Tournament. Two side one attacking the other defending a number of game or checkpoints if you will.

Once a checkpoint has been taken from the attacking team a everyone moves to the next checkpoint.

Now I do have to admit I live this type of game-play in UT and most are very entertaining with fast combat and ever changing objective.
Jet not all maps where that way some just down right sucked .

I've played mmo's in the past that had this very same thing. Mostly the checkpoints where castle games, walls and keeps. Get a little bit of this wrong and it can change a great game mechanic into a dead horse in seconds.

Unlike capture the flag scenarios which can run without much of a hitch assault maps can be totally screwed when just one part of the puzzle is lacking.

Its a very bold move to this type of play in TOR and I'm sure BioWare has put a lot of thought into the voidstar and how it plays.
This short clip shows us the smallest glimpse of what to expect.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday Update - OH BioWare You Tease !!!

Not happy with trolling e-mails BioWare has shown off a short glimpse of my soon to be CE box goodies.

All I can think of now (and have for some time) is it wont be long before I can run rampant in TOR none stop.

But teasing aside its nice to get a quick look at the items that come with the box. Not that I will care for them for some time as I live that Star Wars dream inside the game. Only another 59 days to go - early access.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Friday Update - Signs Of War Trailer And More

I did not think I would enjoy anther trailer with out some punted Jawa appearing somewhere with in the video. I'm somewhat pleased to say I enjoyed this one without the need to see Blizz getting shot off into the distance.

I can only hope that this is some how linked to in-game footage for these are the type of PvP battles that everyone I'm sure would want to be part of.

Web Page Update.

The SWTOR web page has got a new lick of paint with the addition of Game Systems. This brings in a new feature that is the operations. The page looks more user friendly and has a slicker cleaner feel to it.

Other stuff.

This Fridays update gave us the news that 20-12-11 would be the new global release date for TOR for all the EU players as well as the US. We also get a small heads up for the Paris Games Week.
This happens in just a weeks time and kicks off on the 21st of Oct.

The next event is a month away and that is DREAMHACK, on Nov 24th. No other dates have been pegged for this year as yet. So these two could reap lots of information and may be your last chance to test run the game before that all important launch. 

Release Date 20-12-11 For ALL

At long last the TOR release date is now going global and along with the US the EU will now share in the 20-12 release date.

I'm not sure why this seemed to be a problem with many game company's in the past, and they thought it was a necessity to have a split launch.

Let this be a lesson to all game company's that you do have to come up with half truths, for reasons why you can't push a games out in every country on the same day. It has long be known by gamers and retailers alike that there is no reason that a split launch is needed.

Its taken some time for the game company's to catch up to the thinking that the rest of us have. Yet this is a positive move from BioWare to shun the norm when it come to this outdated way of thinking.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Friday Update - Choose Your Side

This weeks Friday update brings us some very nice game footage of the  Jedi Knight and the  Bounty Hunter as they got head to head in a 1v1 battle. 

Both these classes have very different fighting styles one of close range the other like to damage from afar. 

Both have skills to take advantage of there chosen fight styles the Jedi can close the gap and the Bounty Hunter has stuns to gain some distance. 

Monday, 3 October 2011

Friday Update - Maps In Space

The final spot in the HoloNet has been filled with a space map.

Unlike the last map update this offering is good, in fact it's darn good. It may not offer any good usable new info but on the cool factor it score 9/10.

With planet views, ships with a quick overview coupled with the stunning gfx this is a very welcome addition to the site. 
If only BioWare could do this for the classes and other aspects of the HoloNet I think I would loose my freaking mind.

It's a huge step forward to making the TOR site look more like a gaming site that the fans want.