Monday, 31 October 2011

Friday Update - Voidstar And Warzone

This weeks update is the PvP warzone Voidstar.

 Its an assault type scenario like those found in Unreal Tournament. Two side one attacking the other defending a number of game or checkpoints if you will.

Once a checkpoint has been taken from the attacking team a everyone moves to the next checkpoint.

Now I do have to admit I live this type of game-play in UT and most are very entertaining with fast combat and ever changing objective.
Jet not all maps where that way some just down right sucked .

I've played mmo's in the past that had this very same thing. Mostly the checkpoints where castle games, walls and keeps. Get a little bit of this wrong and it can change a great game mechanic into a dead horse in seconds.

Unlike capture the flag scenarios which can run without much of a hitch assault maps can be totally screwed when just one part of the puzzle is lacking.

Its a very bold move to this type of play in TOR and I'm sure BioWare has put a lot of thought into the voidstar and how it plays.
This short clip shows us the smallest glimpse of what to expect.

I am looking forward to this I must say.

This is the 3rd installment of warzones each having a very different game-play objectives.
We now see the latest page which is dedicated to Warzones.

So now we have three types of game to appease PvP fans

Voidstar Assault
Huttball Capture the flag (with a twist)
Alderaan Capture and hold
 What we are missing (and by missing it has not been revealed yet) its the 8v8 Death Match or the good old king of
the hill type PvP events. Though the king of the hill may already be in place.

What we know is that there will be open world PvP zones, these may fill in the last two types of good
where players will fight over yet unrevealed objectives. I'm guessing that these will be the king of the
hill type matches where one side fights to to hold an area while another team attack that zone.

Of all the warzones revealed so far I'll likely get sick of huttball the quickest.

This map just seems too small and has far to many points where you can get AOE punted off into
the distance. Making it a consular or inquisitor playground and a nightmare for most every other class.

It look nice and the idea behind it looks very smart but the map itself seems a little to restrictive to have
a good battle plan that does not entail AOE stuns and push-backs and chucking the ball.

Who knows I may just end up loving this the most.

The other two I can see working very well just a little concerned on the huttball punt-fest.

Still looking forward to playing them all and if the voidstar is done right I can see myself spending way too
much time lost in this zone till the early hours of every morning :)

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