Monday, 7 November 2011

Friday Update Triple Blast

This Friday we see 3 updates in on shot.

First up is the long awaited Imperial Agent character progression video.

The operative looks like the rouge assassin using stealth, stuns and plenty of DOT's to get close and personal with there enemy's.
The sniper on the other has is just that a sniper mixed with the ability's you may find on an archer in other mmo's. 

Both these types of game-play I find highly enjoyable. They normally take a little longer to get used to, but once you master these classes you are a force to be reckoned with.

Early Game Access Details Revealed

The time set aside for early access will be up to 5 days a subject that has had a lot of speculation from the time the pre-orders were announced. 
And no sooner what this reveal up that the new speculation was when the game would be ready to download. Well at least the forums are consistent you can find the full update here

Revan Novel Preview  



The 3rd installment this week is an exclusive look at 2 chapters on the new Revan novel which will be released on the 15th of Nov. 

Guild Phase 3 Deployment 

Lets not forget the 3rd stage of the guild update which happened on Thursday.
The bones of this is that four guild members have to redeem there pre-order codes and they are all ready to transfer on to a given server when the game hits find it all here

As we edge ever closer to launch BioWare seem to be moving away from the normal Friday updates onto more pressing matters. Which is getting the players and the game ready for launch. 

There are very few things about the game than need to be fleshed out. What matters now is getting ready for the 15th of Dec onward. 

Today is also the start of the 2nd fan site summit. So we all look forward to hearing from Austin in the coming days and weeks. To stay up to-date on this event remember to follow the hash-tag #SWTOUR on twitter.

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