Saturday, 30 April 2011

SWTOUR Part 3 Points To Note

As a one of the few SWTOR fan sites that had the privilege of getting two fun packed days to play the game at the 1st Fan Site Summit.
You may come to the conclusion that our reviews do not count, being those of BioWare fans.

So it may come as a surprise to most but in my case at least, this could not be further from the truth.
Sure I want this game to become the best it can be and even before my hands on time, I was in the mind set that I was going to play the game come what may.

But I have been in countless open and closed beta events and one thing is clear. Nothing is going to improve if all you do is praise the game you are testing.

Friday, 29 April 2011

SWTOUR Part 2 Combat & Gameplay

This segment, will not be filled with weapon and armor stats, as these are in constant flux, and as such, they change on almost a daily basis.

What I will try to do, is give you an insight of how the combat feels, and plays out. For the next few moments, I would like to place you in my shoes and I hope I can relay the feeling that I had at that time, with this very extended hands on time with TOR.

At level one, you have two main combat ability's. One of a single target attack, and the other is an AOE ability.
You also have an out of combat heal, which also lowered the heat you generated by using the Bounty Hunters weapons. This was a channelled ability, around 10 seconds to fully heal and get rid of that heat that you built up.
Another skill was in place to dispel heat, that you could use in combat. Though this did not fully remove all heat you gained, it did give you around 25% reduction. This would allow you at this level to gain another AOE. This was an instant cast, and had around 1 min cool down.

Random Pic's From SWTOUR

Thursday, 28 April 2011

SWTOUR Part 1 - Story

Like I have said in a resent post, I will bring you the good parts along with the bad.

I will start with the items that did not live up with the rest of the game. I just want to get them out of the way and then we can move on to the bulk, and more interesting parts of the weekend.

The not so good points

1) The UI
The way the UI is set up just feels alien, nothing seems to be in the right place.

For a start the chat box sits at the top left, I can't remember seeing anyone using the chat, as this place would normally be where I would place my Avatar. No one in there right mind would place it there.

The mini map was stuck in the bottom right, and your target windows are just above you skill bar, the skill bar itself was in the right place.

I'm not saying to UI looked bad or anything, it did fit the rest of the game, just things were in the totally wrong place. With a custom UI this small problem will just fade away.

2) Zoom out funtion
I know this may be a little picky, but when playing mmo's you do tend zoom out to a point where you can see mobs and other players around you. The thing I noticed in TOR is that the feature only goes around half the way as I would normally play.

It gave you a feeling of not knowing what was around you, and you could easily be blind sided from the rear and from the sides. Your field of view was around 60% of what you would expect from an mmo.

And that is all I could muster for the down sides.
Yeh I know right.
I kind of feel that I have let myself down in some way. As I wanted to get you a long list of good v bad points.
It's not like I didn't try to find more bad points from the weekend, but frankly, the game is so good as it is I could not find anything else that needed some attention.

These are an easy fix, and the only reason I bring them up is to show you my time spent in Austin was not just on finding the good points. But I did not expect to find only 2, from the many hours of, hands on game time, over the full weekend.

Now on to the good stuff - Part 1 Story.

SWTOUR Intro And Swag!

Ok I know I'm kind of late getting a leap on the embargo, with a long travel of around 24hours, and work today, time has slipped by.

I will be doing this in 3 parts -
  • Part 1 Story (without any spoilers)
  • Part 2 Combat
  • Part 3 Every thing else not covered
Part 1, I'll be working on this right after this post, it should take around 2 hours or more, so no need to F5 before this time.
Parts 2 will hit tomorrow, and maybe part 3, if I can get both up in time. I have a lot to cover as you may expect, and I know you are already neck deep in info already. I hope you are enjoying what the sites have put out already, you just have a short time before I get everything ready here.


I have 2 items up for grabs -
  • SWTOR novel Deceived 
  • Sith Hat (head size) and shirt (XL)

  novel Deceived
romdjoll             Hat & Shirt

msg in Twitter   with a postal address and I'll mail them tomorrow. Gratz to you both

Stay tuned I'll get to work on part 1 now.

So What To Expect From Me On SWTOUR

We'll as I thought, SWTOUR has increased the activity on this site, by quite a sum, for all those new comers, first off welcome to my little part of the inter-webs.

I guess by now, you all have a great thirst for information from this event, and it is coming in due time. I am here not to give you an early peak of anything, just what to expect from this site, and of me.

Now I have never been the kind of person to do a run on down stats, and pick every parsec of information that can be found. There are 14 other site's that where there on that day, that can do this job way better than I can.

If there is info out there, I tend to send you over to those sites that have made them available. What I have done in the past, and will continue to do again, is to convey how I  feel about the game, and I will try to do this weekend justice, and continue to do, what I do best. That being said, I hope to bring to light what other site's may have overlooked.

I have tried to approach this weekend with a very open mind. Though being a fan site for some time now, my enthusiasm may have gotten the better of me.
I will bring you the not so goods along with, what I consider the shinning beacons of light, that I found with my time in Austin.

After a momentous weekend, its time to get down to the business end of things.  

I only hope the faith BioWare and the fans have placed in me can be re-paid, and I can do both justice in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Meeting The Sites At SWTOUR

It's a very strange thing indeed, when you meet your peeps, that you have been following for so long. Every other voice is instantly recognised, without ever setting eyes on them.

I'm not sure why, if it was a case of jet-lag, pure excitement or just a case of being so over whelmed by the event. But from that Sunday night on, I turned from my normal self into a gibbering wreck. 

After all, sites like Darth Hater, MER, and ToroCast, is the sole reason this site started up in the first place. This was my place to keep all the great info these sites gave us over time. To meet them, and the many others that I now follow, was as memorable as the SWTOUR event its self.

For the first time, I had people around me that had the same passion that I have about a game called TOR. It's a very nice thing indeed, when you can let that little nerd out of its box, and share it with these great people face to face.

 One thing is clear, that each and every site, has a different way of following the game. We share are passion in totally different way also. It was a moment that I will never forget.

As for David Bass and Stephen Reid, they made us feel so welcome, and meeting others from the BioWare team, was the icing on an already mammoth cake. Not sure if it was the lure of fee food, that made them turn out in there masses, or something else. But all I can say is, thank you all, for making our time in Austin, something that will stay with me for a life time. 

Thursday, 21 April 2011

This Weeks News Round Up April 21st

This week has been dominated by the up and coming Fan Site Summit, but this was not the only new to hit this week. Again I'll point out things that you may have missed.
There's a couple of new sites, videos and a great comic. Enjoy :) 

Facebook Picture Of The Week

SWTOR Autumn 2011 Release Maybe ?

Over at swtorstrategies, they have found some new info from PC Gamer, head over there and the latest news.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Fan Site Summit Q&A

Although there will be group Q&A with the SWTOR Dev's, I'll have 15 mins worth quality of time with Gabe Amatangolo. The subject I'll get to cover is none other than PvP. WOOT.

    Now that we know the spec's that the advanced classes will now take, it now your chance to get the answerers that have been nagging away at you.

    I'm open for questions from the fans for Gabe, lets try get questions that have not been covered, and hopefully get some good insight to how the PvP system is being developed.

    Monday, 18 April 2011

    Quick Fan Site Summit Update

    Now that all the site's have revealed themselves here is a run down of who is attending, just incase you missed some.

    Darth Hater
    Mos Eisley Radio
    Corellian Run Radio
    Ask A Jedi
    SWTOR Life

    As you may have already seen, the fan sites will be an opportunity to get a Q&A sections with some of the dev's, at the Fan Site Summit, at BioWare Austin.

    Although I can not say as yet, which dev's, I will have time to sit down with, I will at least throw the gates open early, and ask you which questions you wish to ask.

    There are some questions, that will not be answered, but more on this soon. But for now, it's you chance to get your say. You can comment here, PM me on the SWTOR Forum tag-  MrWarlock or msg in Twitter

    Over the next day or two, I will get conformation on who I'll get to see, and which subject's I will be covering at the event. I know many of you are eager for as much information as you can get, on the up and coming event. 

    I wish I could share more, but for those eager few, look up the Tag #SWTOUR on Twitter, for info as it comes in. 

    With your help, I hope to gain as much information as possible, so get your questions in. And look out for more throughout the weeks ahead. 

    Fan Site Summit

    I just happen to be one of the lucky few, that got the golden ticket, to visit BioWare Austin.
    I will fly out this Saturday, be sure to come back for more updates throughout the week.

    We'll be getting the same content at resent UK and US press events, but this time its going to be from an MMO gamers point of view.

    There will be Q&A with some of the Dev's, again stay tuned, more info coming soon.

    I would like to thank the SWTOR team for this great opportunity, and I look forward to sharing all the news with you all.

    Oh before I forget, I'll definitely try to hunt down those rivers of chocolate, we have all come to dream about :)

    Sunday, 17 April 2011

    Friday Update - Fan Friday & More...

    If your going to have a Fan Friday, this is the way to do it.

    Normally we get the great fan art, and a little info on something else. Also the Q&A sections have mostly covered information we have already had a number of times. I know there are new people joining the the forums all the time, so may need to know some of the things that have come and gone in the past.
    Though most if not all of the info covered in Q&A, can be found quite easily by doing a quick search.
    This time we got some real info, that has, to my knowledge, not been covered before.


    Corellian Run Radio Won this months Fan Site Spotlight place. I've followed and listened since before the first PodCast, and can say it could not happen to a nicer group of people.
    Gratz to the girls, and long may it continue.

    Thursday, 14 April 2011

    This Weeks News Round Up

    I'd like to start a weekly review of the past weeks more interesting news, and fun stuff that I have seen.

    I will not be posting the complete run down of the events here, for those that are interested in any of them, I will link to the relevant sites. I'm sure most of would have seen some, if not all of these, this is more of a recap and for those that, unlike me, hunt down each and every post when it comes to SWTOR.
    Nor will report on the regular PodCasts, and coverage of the Friday updates, form all the fan sites I follow. This will be filled with things that may have missed, stuff that may have slipped through the net, and are unrelated to the Fridays updates. 

    So lets get to it.

    Saturday, 9 April 2011

    Friday Update - Advance Class Trees

    This week we get the Dev Blog update from Georg Zoeller here. As of this moment, these are the avdanced classes (AC) as they stand now, although this is subject to change. I can see many a fan, already planning there advanced skill trees ready for launch.

    I would like to say that this blog, answers all the question we have on the AC's, but sadly it does not.
    Yeh there is a complete list of every class here, even though this may change, with testing feed back and all. It does not tell us wich class is better suited to wich role.

    I can see the 4 man flashpoints being some what flexible, i.e multiple types of AC's may heal and/or tank. This does not go to say a Jedi Consular, would be viable as a tank in an end-game Raid. 

    I see this class range diversity already in Rift. There are 3 tanks, Warrior, Rouge and the Cleric. All of these classes, are just as good as the next, in lower end content. 
    Now take these classes, to a world boss, or elite end-game raid. Then it is clearly evident that only the warrior is up to the task. This may also be the case in TOR, though time will tell.

    Of course this goes for DPS and healers, yet in a larger Raid setting, of say 20+ players. Every type of spec is viable, and most importanly can be a must have to have a chance to finish the content. 

    Not a bad Friday update all in all, and I can see why there is not more indepth infomation on AC's. 

    BioWare again has answered a few questions we have on TOR, and left us with just more questions, that will remain unanswered for a little longer. Such is life :)

    Wednesday, 6 April 2011

    Catch My lastest Article

    You can catch up on my latest offering over at Swtor-Life, my post is here -


    SWTOR’s Mini Games And Titles


    Hope you enjoy it :)

    UK Event Round UP

    Here we are again at the end of another event. This 1 was a little different to others before, in that, this was a last minute extra.

    Not sure how the BioWare team pulled this 1 off, from so short a noticed, but by the sounds of things almost all comments are again very positive. You can find all the run downs over on the SWTOR forums here.

    From what looked like an impossible task, the TOR team pulled out all the stops to get the fans in the UK some much needed game time. For all those that got the invite congrats to you all, I wish I could of been there also.
    Things like this just go to show how BioWare sees and respects the multitude of follows, and long may it continue. 

    Tuesday, 5 April 2011

    Pax East - Get Your Nurd ON!!!

    This is the effect a few short moments of game time has on people.

    Who knows what events will take place, once TOR has a release date, Nurds Rejoice, for this, this is are time.  

    Monday, 4 April 2011

    Another Fan Joins The SWTOR Team


     Brooks Guthrie is now a BioWare and SWTOR employee, he has been taken on as an audio editor, to work on up and coming TOR videos.
    As a TOR fan myself, I'm over the moon that another avid fan has got hold of his dream job.

    Brooks is 1 of the hosts on Mos Eisley Radio, along with Zach. MER was the 1st site to be featured in SWTOR's Fan Site Spotlight, and well deserved it was.
    He will join Brandon Miletta who moved in from TOROCast, and it just goes to show, good things happen to good people.

    Well nice 1 Brooks, bet its going to be nice going to work everyday when your doing that dream job :)

    Saturday, 2 April 2011

    April 2nd Grats If You Made It !!!

    Yes I'm still alive, after The International Troll-day (TIT for short) I'd like to take the time out to congratulate all those TIT's out there that made it through, what was again another hectic day.

    As these pictures show, it was touch and go there for a short time.

    And for those wondering, yes I was Rick-Rolled again. You would think by now I would know better, but sadly not. Hence this is a huge reason why the Jedi will not be my 1st class, me being weak of the minded sort and all. 

    Though fear not, I did take my revenge on, no other than and if I do say so myself, it was a small glimpse of brilliance on my part. I chuckled for so long afterwards it hurt.

    I was going to do a summary of the days events, but luckily those clever peeps over at torlegends have done a fine job already. So instead of hunting down TIT day items I'll shoot you over to there site. 
    You'll find all the days events here and enjoy :)