Saturday, 2 April 2011

April 2nd Grats If You Made It !!!

Yes I'm still alive, after The International Troll-day (TIT for short) I'd like to take the time out to congratulate all those TIT's out there that made it through, what was again another hectic day.

As these pictures show, it was touch and go there for a short time.

And for those wondering, yes I was Rick-Rolled again. You would think by now I would know better, but sadly not. Hence this is a huge reason why the Jedi will not be my 1st class, me being weak of the minded sort and all. 

Though fear not, I did take my revenge on, no other than and if I do say so myself, it was a small glimpse of brilliance on my part. I chuckled for so long afterwards it hurt.

I was going to do a summary of the days events, but luckily those clever peeps over at torlegends have done a fine job already. So instead of hunting down TIT day items I'll shoot you over to there site. 
You'll find all the days events here and enjoy :)

1 comment:

  1. like a stealthy hunter you stalked me, preying upon my weakness, my love of crew skills system in SWTOR.

    You laid out the bait with care and precision, like a deer in headlights I fell for it.

    You sir are a hunter and I was your prey.

    April fools day......

    your mistake was letting me go. Now I begin the long journey or exacting my revenge......