Saturday, 20 August 2011

When Is It The Right Time To Talk Star Wars ?

Real Fears Mount For Late EU Launch

As always I spend my day scanning websites/twitter and a few vent channels for the latest news around TOR. With GamesCon running this is a minute by minute process, it just so happens this is how the whole late EU launch started.

Stephen Reid Twitter account @Rockjaw asked for some questions using the hash-tag #GabeQ.

It was here I posted a question.

Mick Johnson
With the beta weekends in September will the European contingent be gaining access beta at the same time as those in the USA ?

Sneaky Crew Skills Update

BioWare in the past have been known to make a huge fuss over the slightest and smallest detail and call it an update when it comes to TOR.

Yet they revealed the rest of the crew skills and it's slipped under the radar with not many people noticing. I say not many, but my good friend SWTORCRAFTER from SWTOR Life found this gem as he did his daily pass of the crew skills page to find they have updated the page fully.

For me I would have thought this would be a huge update on it's own. Yet nothing on the site lets you know that this update has slipped in. This is kind of strange from a site that has an update on walls.

Yet I'm glad to have this update out of the way now and we can focus on something else.

Friday Update - Huttbaal and Pax info

 Huttball is the latest warzone to be released by TOR. This is a basic capture-the-flag with a nice twist. Adding the passing feature with this game type opens up so many different tactical approaches it makes your head spin. 
So looking forward to giving this a try and I can see it being heaps of fun.

Aslo we get info on next weeks Pax event with the almost ever present meat and great that comes along with TOR little outings you can get all you need here

Thursday, 18 August 2011

GamesCon Video Footage - Thursday

The first day real did not have much in the way of Q&A though we do have a fair bit of video footage from the event check it out below.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

GameCon Live

Pano photo from my spot for the #ComPAXTOR crew:  

Well it's almost time again for BrioWare and EA to go on the live stream.

I will like may other have my fingers crossed that we get something like that of BioWares last outing. You can follow here  EA @ Gamescom 2011

For those that missed the live stream EA's YouTube channel will be posting it in full later today.

It is me or was this cut short out of fear of a wipe and was that easy mode ?

SWTOR Guild Testing Has Begun

Finally guilds will will have a change to work together in TOR, and test the game in an organized manner.

David Bass has just made a post on the forums announcing that a few guilds have already invited and more are on the way Good luck to you all and be sure to test and have fun doing it.

We are very pleased to announce the start of Guild Testing for STAR WARS: The Old Republic! This program will allow guilds to be considered as a whole for inclusion in the Game Testing Program, allowing us to gather important data regarding how guilds play The Old Republic, as well as how organized groups deal with various mechanics and systems in the game. The program is already underway, as we’ve invited the first wave of guilds into testing, however we’ll be adding more over the coming weeks alongside the general Game Testing invites.

How do I sign my guild up for Guild Testing?

All you need to do in order to have your guild considered for Guild Testing is to have an active guild with at least 10 members registered in our Guild Headquarters. We also recommend creating a recruitment thread on our forums, but please make sure you are following the Recruitment Guidelines we’ve set forward. Guilds that spam recruitment messages after multiple warnings, for example, will not be considered for Guild Testing.

How are guilds selected for Guild Testing?

In general, guild testing is done randomly from all eligible guilds (that is, those with at least 10 registered members in the Guild Headquarters). Throughout the program, we will be looking to let in both large and small guilds, so as long as your guild meets the minimum requirement, you have an equal chance of being invited to testing. In addition, we may, at our discretion, choose a few select guilds that are active and helpful in the community, since we could use that sort of helpfulness in-game and on the Testing Forums. Note that this will be done in rare circumstances, in order to reward our dedicated community members. Please do not contact any BioWare staff requesting access to Guild Testing, or else your guild may be removed from consideration.

How do I know if my guild has been selected for Guild Testing?

Guild leaders will be contacted directly with detailed instructions when their guild gets selected for testing. It'll be their job to pass the appropriate information to the rest of their guild in order for everyone to be sent testing invites.

What is involved in Guild Testing?

Guild Testing works the same way as Game Testing does, however by being invited as a guild, you gain the advantage of being in the same testing group and being on the same server, allowing for more coordination amongst the guild for testing group content. You’ll still be a part of the general Game Testing population as well, and will have access to the general testing forums as everyone else does.

Are European guilds eligible for Guild Testing?

European Guild Testing will begin at the same time the European Testing Program begins in the near future.

If you have any other questions about the program, feel free to post in this thread or email us at Again, please do not contact us asking for Guild Testing consideration or your guild may not be considered for testing.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Friday Update - Fan Friday

Fan Fridays are some of the more unpopular update that come along, and this time round is one if not the weakest Fan Friday updateI can remember.

With the time frame before the beta weekends in September this should be a time of great worry. Because this should be the time we get some good solid information on what TOR has to offer as we progress through the game.

This being said we have to look at the weeks ahead, we are getting GamesCon this coming week August 18 – 21 and the following week we get Pax 26 – 28

I am really hoping that we get a massive influx of not new info but info that we can finally put to bed stuff like crafting or skill trees. 

The next event being smack in the middle of game testing weekends in September 22-25. We should get what we have been longing for in the way of info.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Friday Update - The Jedi Consular And Comic-con 2011 Highlights

It's been a very long road up till this point, but now we have all the class videos up and running with the latest installment of the Jedi Consular.

Now with time running out with the September beta weekends. We may start to gain some real useful info about TOR with the exception of armor progression and Fan Fridays.

We have a vast amount of unfinished skills we need to know about the game.

But when will the NDA drop ?