Sunday, 7 August 2011

Friday Update - The Jedi Consular And Comic-con 2011 Highlights

It's been a very long road up till this point, but now we have all the class videos up and running with the latest installment of the Jedi Consular.

Now with time running out with the September beta weekends. We may start to gain some real useful info about TOR with the exception of armor progression and Fan Fridays.

We have a vast amount of unfinished skills we need to know about the game.

But when will the NDA drop ?

BioWare have already said that many people have been in testing your guess would be as good as mine I would not say more that 6K from the first test to now have entered the game.
With the so called mass invite going out would September be the time that BW will relax on the NDA.

TOR has had some of the tightest control on leaks yet they still get out, and that is only with a few thousand testing at any given time. I'm not sure even BW could plug all the leaks if they still intend to hold everyone to the NDA after the September deadline comes around.

One thing is sure though. That the next 4-8 weeks is going to be very interesting and I'm hoping for a steady flow of game info. I wouldn't like to see the week before Beta's a ton of info just come flooding out. Yet this may well happen as so many things about TOR are still in flux and changging almost on a daily basis.

Along with this update we got a Comic-Con Highlights Video.

Not a great deal on game footage from the video, yet we did have the flashpoint update before.
It would of been nice to see some PvP to go along with this. Sure its not as good as playing yourself but it may give you some idea how the game is working.

And I really like TOR's PvP system. I know a heap has been said about story and rightly so, for it outshines every other mmo that has come and gone imo.

Yet the PvP is just fun and none of this 2-3 shot kills that have had many a kid whining in other games.

Well I have high hopes for the coming weeks lets how the BioWare team can start to finish TOR's projects and nail them down in-game. So us the masses can really start to see TOR as it will be when we get in.

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