Wednesday, 27 July 2011

TOR Coming September

Well almost.

Many of the TOR faithful will at last get there hands on the game by the way of weekend testing.

I loved to way rift did this weekend stuff. It was highly successful for the game and I'm sure TOR will try to emulate this too. Rift by this method had the smoothest launch of any mmo I have played, with every weekend being the same as launch day all over again. The more traditional way mmo's do open beta is hit and miss. Yet this weekend thing works really well, you can fix bugs tweak at will from 1 stage to the next without interrupting the flow of the game.

How quick the team reacts to bugs is very telling in these early stages and this will be a huge eyeopener to what is about to transpire when the game goes live.

But before then we still have a vast amount of info to swot up on, info that has yet to be revealed and/or finalized by BioWare, the NDA also may need to be dropped before the September open beta window begins. Even if BioWare do not relax the NDA on the current game testers September will bring a ton of info from those that will get the invites.

Crafting - We are still lacking much of the crafting skills that will appear in TOR. BioWare sure looks like they have worked and re-worked the crafting skills to death. They have said for quite some time now that crafting skills will be coming soon. Yet they still have not appeared.
This tells me they had to re-think remake and totally revamp most if not all the crafting TOR had in-place. Now this has to be good for the game, as they are trying to bring the best system to fit in with the Star Wars IP. But we still need this before a mass of new testers bounces on the game.

Legacy System And Race Ability's - I mentioned this in my blog on SWTOR-Life as my top anticipated reveals that would come from TOR.
The legacy system was confirmed to still be in the game at Comic Con, as well as pushing race ability's to be ready for launch.
Alone the legacy system can change the way many will play the game, depending on how it's implemented. BioWare gave a small hint about unlocking different race's. Now this is nothing huge but most of the game that use legacy do give the player that re-rolls a few benefits. What this would mean for TOR could mean anything, and if the races ability's do make launch this would change the face of the game.
You may start a class just to re-roll a better different class that has a bonus stat or race ability that can only be unlocked from you re-rolling. This will be a must have 2-3 months in if you intend to be competitive at the highest level.

Skill Tree's - Well good news on this topic as BioWare do intend to release these. This will let you go and plan your class before you play.

Of-course there are many more guild structures, customization, class races and so on. If everything goes as it should we will be in for a very interesting few weeks before the September deadline looms ever closer.

But as I wish the weeks ahead away, like many this latest round of reveals has me as hyped as ever and glued to every snip of info that will come from BioWare and SWTOR,.

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