Tuesday, 29 March 2011

SWTOR Comes To The UK

Thats right SWTOR is featuring in London very soon.

It's an invite only and on a 1st come basis, so this 1 your going to have to hurry to get that all important ticket.

You can find everything you need right over at swtor.com
Good luck to everyone that enters, for some this will be the 1st possible chance to get a hands on with TOR.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

swtor-life Partnership

Many of you would have noticed the lack articles I have posted of late.

But fear not, I have not forgotten about them, and I am still continuing to give my thoughts, concerns and hopes for TOR on swtor-life.
I will continue to bring you my thoughts on the Friday updates each and every week here, but most of my articles will be posted on swtor-life's website.  

If you have not done so already, add this site to your list of many.

We did this to better serve the TOR fans, and we are now going from strength to strength. We also hope we continue to bring you all a better service in the future. When you get there check out the NEW search-able Dev tacker, just the latest innovation to come to the site. 

Hope to see you there soon.

Friday Update - Jedi Armer L33TNess

As far as this little video is concerned, this has to be the finest armer progression ever.

The Guardian just screams TANK, as for the Sentinel, and the last armer in particular, you can just tell its a DPS spec.
Take away the light sabers and you can easily recognize the ever common Rouge DPS class, from many an MMO.

All this, and still keeping true to that Star Wars feel is outstanding.
The GFX look like they have taken another great leap forward also, from those shown at Pax East.
This may just be a small fact of how those Pax videos were taken, but what I see here, I can say I am well and truly impressed.

I'm also glad they stayed away from the over-the-top armer sets. There is nothing worse in my eyes than going over-board on armer, and weapons. There is really no need for 3 foot spikes sticking out of you helm and chest pieces. 

Nice armer, good solid game play and the Jedi. What more do you need from a Friday update ?

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Friday Fan Stuff Bazzar

I'm not a great fan of Friday updates per-say. But after Pax, it was always on the cards.

Though this weeks helping of that Fan Friday, blew me away.

Forum user, and TOR fan redding is an outstanding artist, and has shared quite a fair amount of  pic's in his post.
This guy has such good art, he could have his very own Fan Friday spot.

Fan Site Spotlight
This week we focus on TORWars 
They have a very nice, and alway up-to-date site. There PodCast is fairly amusing also. If you have not done so already, head over there sub to the Pod and add there site. 

And we get the ever present  Studio Insider with an in-depth look at creating animations for use in in-game cinematics!

Did anyone notice the silly had brigade, forum avatars ? 

This bunch would not look out of place in a Montey Python sketch. This is the perfect example at having the DON'T SHOW HELM option, in game.

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Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday/Pax Update Trailer: Fate of the Galaxy

Got to love those video's stay tuned for more from Pax East :)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Relax Its Almost Pax

With Pax East just around the corner, many of the TOR faithful will be checking for any and all info surrounding the game.

But what do we expect or need to know if this game is coming out in a few months.

Well I'm not concerned about end-game raids, I know they will be there, and sure they will be fun to run. Though I don't want to know everything about them. This part of the game does not need to be fully fleshed out.

Now what would I like to see if TOR will release soon.

First off, if indeed TOR will be released in spring, the crafting system with the rest of the skills need to be shown. Also a list of each playable race and for which class you can roll them on. Light and Dark side points need to be explained, in how they affect your class and which if any beneficial skills each will unlock.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bounty - Pax Update

Well it's the final Friday before Pax, and no surprise that the Bounty Hunter video was present, as it was revealed on Thursday.

What is a surprise though, that this is the last update before PAX, and a mighty chunk, before what will be another info overload again at the event.
I really was not expecting much this week, but heck this Friday did bring some nice goods.

On a small note, there has been some nerd rage that the bounty hunter is unimpressive and predictable.

NEWS FLASH - This is BW and they make good story's, they are all about putting You The Player in the a given roll. How else should the Bounty Hunter Feel I ask you.
It's not like this guy is about giving you a warning shot, then if he hits you send you flowers.

As well as the Bounty Hunter video, we get the 1st look at the Bounty Hunter ship and companion information.

For everything Bounty hunter check Here.

For all things Pax check Here.