Sunday, 27 March 2011

swtor-life Partnership

Many of you would have noticed the lack articles I have posted of late.

But fear not, I have not forgotten about them, and I am still continuing to give my thoughts, concerns and hopes for TOR on swtor-life.
I will continue to bring you my thoughts on the Friday updates each and every week here, but most of my articles will be posted on swtor-life's website.  

If you have not done so already, add this site to your list of many.

We did this to better serve the TOR fans, and we are now going from strength to strength. We also hope we continue to bring you all a better service in the future. When you get there check out the NEW search-able Dev tacker, just the latest innovation to come to the site. 

Hope to see you there soon.

1 comment:

  1. Great news for the SWTOR community!

    We are very glad to have MrWarlock join us in this effort to bring the community the very best content we can.

    It is with the addition of great SWTOR columnists like MrWarlock and hard work, that we will achieve this goal.

    I look forward to the future of your thoughts, and the new and interesting ways that you see the realm of SWTOR.