Sunday, 27 March 2011

Friday Update - Jedi Armer L33TNess

As far as this little video is concerned, this has to be the finest armer progression ever.

The Guardian just screams TANK, as for the Sentinel, and the last armer in particular, you can just tell its a DPS spec.
Take away the light sabers and you can easily recognize the ever common Rouge DPS class, from many an MMO.

All this, and still keeping true to that Star Wars feel is outstanding.
The GFX look like they have taken another great leap forward also, from those shown at Pax East.
This may just be a small fact of how those Pax videos were taken, but what I see here, I can say I am well and truly impressed.

I'm also glad they stayed away from the over-the-top armer sets. There is nothing worse in my eyes than going over-board on armer, and weapons. There is really no need for 3 foot spikes sticking out of you helm and chest pieces. 

Nice armer, good solid game play and the Jedi. What more do you need from a Friday update ?

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