Sunday, 20 March 2011

Friday Fan Stuff Bazzar

I'm not a great fan of Friday updates per-say. But after Pax, it was always on the cards.

Though this weeks helping of that Fan Friday, blew me away.

Forum user, and TOR fan redding is an outstanding artist, and has shared quite a fair amount of  pic's in his post.
This guy has such good art, he could have his very own Fan Friday spot.

Fan Site Spotlight
This week we focus on TORWars 
They have a very nice, and alway up-to-date site. There PodCast is fairly amusing also. If you have not done so already, head over there sub to the Pod and add there site. 

And we get the ever present  Studio Insider with an in-depth look at creating animations for use in in-game cinematics!

Did anyone notice the silly had brigade, forum avatars ? 

This bunch would not look out of place in a Montey Python sketch. This is the perfect example at having the DON'T SHOW HELM option, in game.

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