Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bounty - Pax Update

Well it's the final Friday before Pax, and no surprise that the Bounty Hunter video was present, as it was revealed on Thursday.

What is a surprise though, that this is the last update before PAX, and a mighty chunk, before what will be another info overload again at the event.
I really was not expecting much this week, but heck this Friday did bring some nice goods.

On a small note, there has been some nerd rage that the bounty hunter is unimpressive and predictable.

NEWS FLASH - This is BW and they make good story's, they are all about putting You The Player in the a given roll. How else should the Bounty Hunter Feel I ask you.
It's not like this guy is about giving you a warning shot, then if he hits you send you flowers.

As well as the Bounty Hunter video, we get the 1st look at the Bounty Hunter ship and companion information.

For everything Bounty hunter check Here.

For all things Pax check Here.

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