Monday, 28 February 2011

Friday Update:- Chocolate Rivers Comfirmed!!!

Developer Blog
This time its Blaine Christine up, talking about his day to day life in BW.
I'm not going to cover it all here, just shoot yourself over to the SWTOR site and check it out.

Normally I would be up in arms right now, what with a Fan Friday and a Dev blog in quick succession, but the way I see it, the less we get now, the more will be revealed at Pax.

Next week, we may have something a little better, but really I'm not holding my breath for anything on a grander scale. I'm hoping for more of the same on Friday, lets just keep all  the good stuff for Pax again, and have the info overload.

Its all worth it in the end, having a few quiet weeks before the show hits.

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