Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Fans Are Doing It For Themselves

Ok so I kind of skipped the Friday update, as the Q & A section was, well limp. All of these answers I knew already. I guess some now peeps coming to the fold may not have known these type of things, but the latest bout of Dev posts did more than these pointless Q & A sections.

With Pax coming up, I'm not overly surprised at the weakness of it. Though my take is, why have it at all, if the Dev's are just going over old info, that any 4th grade kid could find in a few moments ?

As for the Studio Insider, give me a break.
You'll be hard pushed in find a more uninteresting topic than some passage in 1 of many temples, why not replace that with some landscape. I know I may be a little hard, and sure it will indeed set the mood.
But a passage ?
Really ?
Is thats the best they could drum up ?

 Darth Warme
Yet with these low points, we got a short glimpse of brilliance from the fans (YaY) Did you all notice that a fan made lightsaber hilts the right size huh did you ( :  

Just poking some fun at lightsabers and all, but there has been way too much nerd rage over these things, way back where they were 1st seen. People need to know, that games in development are always blocky dusty old relics that will vastly improve over time.

But yeh another great showing from TOR fans again.

Also Logan has been at it again, and produced 2 more video. the first being that over comparing TOR GFX to those of other games, and another fun 1, that looks at the walk/run within game.

WARNING - If you happen to suffer from light sensitive epilepsy, skip the 1st 20 seconds of the the 1st offering :)

We normally, get something good after a Fan Friday, though I for 1 am not expecting to much in the next 2 weeks. If we do I'll be more than happy, but I know, like always, BW will be holding so well placed cards to reveal at Pax East again this year.

So bring it on....... I really need to stop wishing my life away :P 

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