Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Relax Its Almost Pax

With Pax East just around the corner, many of the TOR faithful will be checking for any and all info surrounding the game.

But what do we expect or need to know if this game is coming out in a few months.

Well I'm not concerned about end-game raids, I know they will be there, and sure they will be fun to run. Though I don't want to know everything about them. This part of the game does not need to be fully fleshed out.

Now what would I like to see if TOR will release soon.

First off, if indeed TOR will be released in spring, the crafting system with the rest of the skills need to be shown. Also a list of each playable race and for which class you can roll them on. Light and Dark side points need to be explained, in how they affect your class and which if any beneficial skills each will unlock.

Class trees also need to be revealed, a few weeks back BW announced that there was 3 healing viable classes per faction. Has anyone known an MMO to have 75% of the playable classes be-able to take on a healing role ?

If any of these points is skipped, do not expect TOR to come in the spring, as these are a must. Not getting the fleshed out info on any of these, means the game is can not come in the spring.

Anyone remember a while back when someone over at BW mentioned the Legacy System ?

The Legacy System, does vary greatly from each and every MMO that uses them.
It could be as little as giving the player the same name or last name, also a common aspect is to unlock a new avatar that can only be unlocked when your class is reborn.

Mostly this system give you some extra stats. or talent from the class that just re-rolled. If this is true, them expect everyone to rethink there starting class.
If you are unfamiliar with a legacy system, stay a trooper may have high def or high dps, depending on which adv class you choose.
Well a legacy System, could allow you to take 1 of those traits over on another class.

Heavy armored Healer anyone ?
Or High dps Tank ?

Ok it does not have to be as dramatic as that, but normally you gain a buff on your re-rolled class. This makes you new class significantly better that, and a must have for anyone that wants to be and do the highest level content in an MMO, PvP and PvE.

Guilds - Almost no info has been revealed about guilds and there structures. There is a mass of ready made and high profile guilds, have already set up and are ready to roll. Revealing the in's and out's about these would help those guilds get well and truly set up.

On a big plus side BW released today the Pre-Launch Guild Program
 This looks like a great tool to have at your disposal in the promo of your guild, if you are looking for a guild or indeed a guild leader go over and check this little sucker out ... no GO now !!!

Of course there are many more things would would like to know, but these points for me are a must have before the game hits. Missing any would just mean a longer wait.

Oh almost forgot, anyone thinking about the biggest thing we hope Pax brings to the table...... Yeh thats right we have big hopes that a release date will be given. Sure if your going to dream, dream big, its the only way.

But I would gladly settle for a full closed beta stage date, even if I did not get the chance to play open beta, it will be a massive indication that a release was not to far off.
After all, anyone who follows TOR, wants to know when the game will be released.

Well what ever we get, lets hope it sparks are interest even more, if thats even possible.

To all of those going to Pax, have a great time, I'm really not jealous.... Hope you have a great time, I'll be hanging on in here in the UK, like many, looking for all the info when it his the inter-webs. Peace :)

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