Saturday, 23 July 2011

Pre-Order Code Delays

I like many from the UK have encountered the problem of getting the pre-order early and not receiving the codes to get early access to the game. Although there is little info on how early you will gain beta access, on when you redeem your code in time scale.

Mine will arrive on the 28th  July over 1 week after I did my pre-order. Now I'm not alone here many others from the UK have see this same thing.

We had 3 outlets to buy the game. Origin, Amazon and Game which just happens to be the only UK based retailer to have pre-orders available.

Many other countries are finding real had just to get the CE or any pre-orders what so ever outside Origin and Amazon which both have seen there supply sell out very quickly.

Well my fellow UK followers and others from the rest of the world I like you will have to be pushed to the back of the queue.

Now I'm not saying this is BioWares fault, but they should of only let retailers sell the game if they were willing and able to release the codes the instant they placed your order.

But why should we settle for being pushed to the back of a growing list when we have placed the pre-order in a quick and timely manner. It the fault of the retailers that should be held accountable.

I hope Bioware looks into this matter and finds a good remedy for all party's concerned. Many followers have placed  pre-orders close to the announcement and not a week or 2 later when they get the darn codes entered.

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  1. Good Luck to UK players from Germany,