Saturday, 20 August 2011

Real Fears Mount For Late EU Launch

As always I spend my day scanning websites/twitter and a few vent channels for the latest news around TOR. With GamesCon running this is a minute by minute process, it just so happens this is how the whole late EU launch started.

Stephen Reid Twitter account @Rockjaw asked for some questions using the hash-tag #GabeQ.

It was here I posted a question.

Mick Johnson
With the beta weekends in September will the European contingent be gaining access beta at the same time as those in the USA ?

Now I already knew how the answer would turn out, yet I still did not think I would get said answer. It's like the time BioWare would not release the Jedi as a playable class. We all knew it would be in but they just kept tight lipped about it. 

Then four hours later I got my answer.

Stephen Reid
Hey EU folk will be playing in September, however large scale ramp will happen in US first, then EU close after. -S

I thought little more of this until I came across this post in the forums EU Testing - we need info!

Unlike many posts this had very little in the way of QQing and followers do have real and very valid reasons for concern. The OP just asks for some easy to answer questions.

 What we know...
  • There have been EU folk in testing before and there are currently a small number of them still in testing.
  • EU folk WILL be able to test in September at some point.
  • EU Guild Testing will begin at the same time EU testing begins
Questions we'd like answered..

  • When will these testing weekends actually begin?
  • When will EU Testing begin?
  • Will EU launch be simultaneous with US?
  • How long will us EU folk have to wait til we can begin Testing?
With Stephen Reid being somewhat preoccupied at GamesCon it was some time later he did this reply.
Hello from the very loud GamesCom showfloor...

We know how much everyone in Europe is eager to test The Old Republic and while it's been a slow process to get to the starting line, we're really close.

Right now Game Testing is ongoing as it has been for quite a while. While some Europeans are in this program and are testing, there are more testers from other countries.

We will be adding more testers during September, including testers from Europe. This will increase the number of European testers by a considerable amount. As part of this increase, we're hoping to add a number of European Guilds.

Beta Testing Weekends in the EU will start after the US, but not much later. That's about all we can commit to right now.

Obviously, I've given you no dates or timeframes here, but as we get closer, we'll have more to say. September isn't that far away, after all.

Now this is not a dig at Mr Reid but this answers nothing. I respect the guy greatly and think he's doing a fine job being the go between from the dev's to us mere mortals. But how hard it it to answer a simple question on will we in the EU be playing TOR at the same time as cousins over the pond in the US ?

There is no grey area here it's a simple Yes or No. Ok I'm guessing many of the fans in the EU are not going to like the impending answer. Every mmo's I have played most if not all have had staggered launches.

Even when we in the EU pay more for the game and monthly subs this has been common practice for so long now. But with improved tech we have today this no longer should be considered as the norm to the old outdated rule. Without solid figures I would dare say we in the EU have equal if not more per-orders and interest that any other part of the world when it comes to TOR.

So do you think its reasonable to expect a simple answer to a simple question ?

With only 2 weeks until the first possible September Beta weekend I can see the answer coming all to late or fobbed off for something like why we cant have X in-game over Y.

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  1. I feel your pain Brother. As an Oceanic fan of SWTOR we are in the same boat. Take solace from the fact that at least you will be considered for September beta and guild testing, we down here at the bottom of the world aren't.
    I agree that this is not a technology decision, there is no reason why BioWare/EA could not do a global simultaneous release as Rift did. As for why they would choose to delay testing in a market that they have already stated will be a primary release candidate it is baffling. Assuming they are still on target for a 2011 release this seems very late in the piece to be starting their infrastructure testing for the entire European market. It does beg the question about whether EA might be bringing pressure to bear on BioWare to release before they are truly ready.