Thursday, 28 April 2011

So What To Expect From Me On SWTOUR

We'll as I thought, SWTOUR has increased the activity on this site, by quite a sum, for all those new comers, first off welcome to my little part of the inter-webs.

I guess by now, you all have a great thirst for information from this event, and it is coming in due time. I am here not to give you an early peak of anything, just what to expect from this site, and of me.

Now I have never been the kind of person to do a run on down stats, and pick every parsec of information that can be found. There are 14 other site's that where there on that day, that can do this job way better than I can.

If there is info out there, I tend to send you over to those sites that have made them available. What I have done in the past, and will continue to do again, is to convey how I  feel about the game, and I will try to do this weekend justice, and continue to do, what I do best. That being said, I hope to bring to light what other site's may have overlooked.

I have tried to approach this weekend with a very open mind. Though being a fan site for some time now, my enthusiasm may have gotten the better of me.
I will bring you the not so goods along with, what I consider the shinning beacons of light, that I found with my time in Austin.

After a momentous weekend, its time to get down to the business end of things.  

I only hope the faith BioWare and the fans have placed in me can be re-paid, and I can do both justice in the coming weeks.

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