Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Meeting The Sites At SWTOUR

It's a very strange thing indeed, when you meet your peeps, that you have been following for so long. Every other voice is instantly recognised, without ever setting eyes on them.

I'm not sure why, if it was a case of jet-lag, pure excitement or just a case of being so over whelmed by the event. But from that Sunday night on, I turned from my normal self into a gibbering wreck. 

After all, sites like Darth Hater, MER, and ToroCast, is the sole reason this site started up in the first place. This was my place to keep all the great info these sites gave us over time. To meet them, and the many others that I now follow, was as memorable as the SWTOUR event its self.

For the first time, I had people around me that had the same passion that I have about a game called TOR. It's a very nice thing indeed, when you can let that little nerd out of its box, and share it with these great people face to face.

 One thing is clear, that each and every site, has a different way of following the game. We share are passion in totally different way also. It was a moment that I will never forget.

As for David Bass and Stephen Reid, they made us feel so welcome, and meeting others from the BioWare team, was the icing on an already mammoth cake. Not sure if it was the lure of fee food, that made them turn out in there masses, or something else. But all I can say is, thank you all, for making our time in Austin, something that will stay with me for a life time. 


  1. Must admit I've been following this trip since it was announced, and catching you (and the others) on ToroCast #100 was fantastic. Really rather jealous!

    Looking forward to a detailed write up about the event, assuming you are allowed to talk about it, and hear your thoughts about the game now you actually played it!

  2. These pics make me put forward the following hypothesis: Nerds love facial hair! ;)

    Can't wait to hear about the interview with Gabe about PvP.....

  3. it was a immense pleasure to finally meet with you sir, I really enjoyed our time together and look forward to hopefully one day meeting again!