Thursday, 21 April 2011

This Weeks News Round Up April 21st

This week has been dominated by the up and coming Fan Site Summit, but this was not the only new to hit this week. Again I'll point out things that you may have missed.
There's a couple of new sites, videos and a great comic. Enjoy :) 

Facebook Picture Of The Week

This first video is taken from and is a stark reminder of why Gold Sellers are a real bad for SWTOR and mmo's on the whole.

Rebecca Black + Star Wars Friday Parody  'Primeday'

We knew it wouldn't be long before someone, took this nasty song and somewhat improved it.

New Site On The Block
It's always nice finding new sites that are covering Star Wars and SWTOR.
These are the gems I uncovered this week.

The Cantina Cast - This is an up and coming PodCast - still in the early stages, but one to lookout for in the future.
The Jedi Gambit - This one is not SWTOR related, it is however a great example of a Star Wars fan generated comic. It has to been seem.

News From Other Fan Sites
 Well not a great deal really, as most have be consumed by the up and coming fan site event with BioWare. Yet I did find this -

TORWARS - The 2nd Annual Canadian Videogame Awards.

That it, another week of news you may have missed. Hope you found something you like. Until next time. 


  1. Thought I'd drop by to say (1) thanks, (2) good luck on the tour, and (3) I've found your blog!