Thursday, 28 April 2011

SWTOUR Intro And Swag!

Ok I know I'm kind of late getting a leap on the embargo, with a long travel of around 24hours, and work today, time has slipped by.

I will be doing this in 3 parts -
  • Part 1 Story (without any spoilers)
  • Part 2 Combat
  • Part 3 Every thing else not covered
Part 1, I'll be working on this right after this post, it should take around 2 hours or more, so no need to F5 before this time.
Parts 2 will hit tomorrow, and maybe part 3, if I can get both up in time. I have a lot to cover as you may expect, and I know you are already neck deep in info already. I hope you are enjoying what the sites have put out already, you just have a short time before I get everything ready here.


I have 2 items up for grabs -
  • SWTOR novel Deceived 
  • Sith Hat (head size) and shirt (XL)

  novel Deceived
romdjoll             Hat & Shirt

msg in Twitter   with a postal address and I'll mail them tomorrow. Gratz to you both

Stay tuned I'll get to work on part 1 now.


  1. LOL I kind of had a fealing you would be 1st :)

  2. Swag! Can't wait to read your impressions :)

  3. dimbo_56@yahoo.com30 Apr 2011, 04:01:00

    SWAG!! good site!

  4. I am curious did you find out if the UI can be moved around? Looking at the Friday update I did feel that the chat looked wrong being in the left hand corner, though I know that is because I am used to it being at the bottom of the screen in every other game I have played.

  5. In the build we played everything was fixed in place.

    It's not bad-looking by any means, just the style I have become accustomed to. was so far removed from the setup we got to play.

  6. SWAG!

    Just started following this website due to the Fan Site Summit. Great to find other high quality fan sites out there, not necessarily US-based!

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  8. thx for providing us with all the awesome info!

    SWAG! btw =P

  9. Good news in regards to the above question. It was confirmed that yes; you can unlock it and move it all around.

  10. Swag! (Person of few words who already has a copy of Deceived, but would dearly love a t-shirt)

  11. SWAG Sith Hat&T-Shirt FTW