Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Fan Site Summit Q&A

Although there will be group Q&A with the SWTOR Dev's, I'll have 15 mins worth quality of time with Gabe Amatangolo. The subject I'll get to cover is none other than PvP. WOOT.

    Now that we know the spec's that the advanced classes will now take, it now your chance to get the answerers that have been nagging away at you.

    I'm open for questions from the fans for Gabe, lets try get questions that have not been covered, and hopefully get some good insight to how the PvP system is being developed.


    1. I had no idea how shy my followers where.
      Not 1 question about the game or PvP.
      You have until Friday, thats why I fly out, after this I may find it hard to access the site until I'm at the event.

    2. for the love of god get us a release date pls :)

    3. Release date would be the dream, sure Dev's have said, that anything about release, will be revealed at a big show.

    4. How will PvP be impacted by crafting options? will there be a chance to 'spin' the impact of the items more specifically to PvP versus PvE solo or raid play?

    5. "Though I understand you aren't giving details on "World PvP" perhaps you can give us a broad idea of whether it will be a huge dedicated zone for PvP which is open 24 hours and of which the final objective can take days or weeks to complete (large number warfare), or whether it are small zones, timed events, some objectives in leveling zones, etc? "

      If not then:

      - Will obtaining gear be the major reward for playing PvP?

      - Will gear make a huge difference in PvP?

      - At end-game will class specific gear sets be the main gear players will go for due to set bonuses or are there better or equally good results when you mix and match your own items?

      - In a fight between equal level and equally geared players depending on the classes what is the fastest you can kill another player?

      - Will there be a guild advancement system like that of WAR/WoW

      - Will there be bases/keeps/outposts to fight over in outdoors (non-instanced) PvP?

      - Will there be the option to create a team and compete in a ladder like system for Warfronts? (Like WoW's rated battlegrounds)

      Yes, PvP is the only thing I can think about 24/7 :p