Monday, 18 April 2011

Quick Fan Site Summit Update

Now that all the site's have revealed themselves here is a run down of who is attending, just incase you missed some.

Darth Hater
Mos Eisley Radio
Corellian Run Radio
Ask A Jedi

As you may have already seen, the fan sites will be an opportunity to get a Q&A sections with some of the dev's, at the Fan Site Summit, at BioWare Austin.

Although I can not say as yet, which dev's, I will have time to sit down with, I will at least throw the gates open early, and ask you which questions you wish to ask.

There are some questions, that will not be answered, but more on this soon. But for now, it's you chance to get your say. You can comment here, PM me on the SWTOR Forum tag-  MrWarlock or msg in Twitter

Over the next day or two, I will get conformation on who I'll get to see, and which subject's I will be covering at the event. I know many of you are eager for as much information as you can get, on the up and coming event. 

I wish I could share more, but for those eager few, look up the Tag #SWTOUR on Twitter, for info as it comes in. 

With your help, I hope to gain as much information as possible, so get your questions in. And look out for more throughout the weeks ahead. 

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