Saturday, 15 October 2011

Friday Update - Signs Of War Trailer And More

I did not think I would enjoy anther trailer with out some punted Jawa appearing somewhere with in the video. I'm somewhat pleased to say I enjoyed this one without the need to see Blizz getting shot off into the distance.

I can only hope that this is some how linked to in-game footage for these are the type of PvP battles that everyone I'm sure would want to be part of.

Web Page Update.

The SWTOR web page has got a new lick of paint with the addition of Game Systems. This brings in a new feature that is the operations. The page looks more user friendly and has a slicker cleaner feel to it.

Other stuff.

This Fridays update gave us the news that 20-12-11 would be the new global release date for TOR for all the EU players as well as the US. We also get a small heads up for the Paris Games Week.
This happens in just a weeks time and kicks off on the 21st of Oct.

The next event is a month away and that is DREAMHACK, on Nov 24th. No other dates have been pegged for this year as yet. So these two could reap lots of information and may be your last chance to test run the game before that all important launch. 

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  1. have you seen the new Voidstar warzone trailer yet? It's pretty cool, a lot better than the Alderaan warzone imo.