Saturday, 15 October 2011

Release Date 20-12-11 For ALL

At long last the TOR release date is now going global and along with the US the EU will now share in the 20-12 release date.

I'm not sure why this seemed to be a problem with many game company's in the past, and they thought it was a necessity to have a split launch.

Let this be a lesson to all game company's that you do have to come up with half truths, for reasons why you can't push a games out in every country on the same day. It has long be known by gamers and retailers alike that there is no reason that a split launch is needed.

Its taken some time for the game company's to catch up to the thinking that the rest of us have. Yet this is a positive move from BioWare to shun the norm when it come to this outdated way of thinking.

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