Monday, 10 October 2011

Friday Update - Choose Your Side

This weeks Friday update brings us some very nice game footage of the  Jedi Knight and the  Bounty Hunter as they got head to head in a 1v1 battle. 

Both these classes have very different fighting styles one of close range the other like to damage from afar. 

Both have skills to take advantage of there chosen fight styles the Jedi can close the gap and the Bounty Hunter has stuns to gain some distance. 

These are the kind of PvP matches 1v1 I like. Trying to rotate your skills to take full advantage of your strengths and trying to suppress those of you chosen target. This is a true battle that would punish you for a single wrong move and reward you greatly for getting off a stun or force leap just at the right time. 

Its been a few years since I've played an mmo where your skill selection and rotation can mean the difference from winning or loosing. Many games have been a case of first hit wins and far too heavily stacked on the rock, paper, scissor design.

The way these two different classes in TOR go at it, anyone of them could win. Finding the strengths and weakness on your opponent and adapting to what they use and when, is a much better way of doing it. No longer is it a case of 1121131 and instant win and 1121321 is going to make you loose. 

Now you have to think on your feet, act to what your enemy is casting then adapt and over come. Is this not something we all want ?

A game that lets us learn adapt and improvise and improve as we progress along with the game. 

Well thats what I want anyway. 

Also we got  part 2 of the Companion Characters Update.


I'll not spout off about that here you can catch it all at

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