Thursday, 1 July 2010

Blizzard discuss making World of Warcraft free

Looking through the passage it really seems WOW is on the back foot for the 1st time. TOR coming spring 2011 looks to be at the fore front of WOW's so called turn around.
SWTOR has yet to release any kind of pricing plan, it has EA already in a panic.

I would not expect WOW to come to a decision Until a BW + LA come up with a price for there game, and if its subs or MT's. Also how much of a chunk of WOW's domination of the West's gaming community it takes.

WOW sub's seem to have peaked at 11.5 million, and has stagnated there for some time.

Lets hope this forces EA hand to make the game better instead of giving the same updates over and over again.

Check out the post HERE in PC Gamer mag.

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