Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Space Combat Brake Down

Fury(Sith) and Vanguard (Jedi

These 2 ships have already been revealed over at SWTOR. These are the ships in the video reveal from E3. Where they had the walk around and they are massive, and the interior is just breath taking.

New Ship #1

I'm going to speculate on these ships, on what we have already seen in the SW Lore, drawing heavily on in most part the movies.

The 1st of the ships looks to be that of the Bounty Hunter. You could see this ship evolving in to the classic bounty hunter ship (Slave I) of Jango Fett.

Ship #2

If you can not see the inspiration of this ship then your in the wrong place. This is really close to that of the Naboo Royal Starship, most likely to be the ship of the Imperial Agent.

Ship #3

Even though this ship looks very like the Imperial Shuttle Tydirium, everything about this just screams Trooper. It just looks like a no thrills, basic powerhouse.

Ship #4

Again this 1 is a no brainer, its an early looking YT-1300 Transport (Millennium Falcon) and who else would use such a ship, than none other than the Smuggler.

Ship Damage

Here we see a ship that has taken heavy damage, as was noted in PC gamer collisions would be deadly. This looks like its 1 graze away from the breakers yard.

Mission Objectives, And Targets

Theres so much going on in this screen.
  • Top Center - What looks like you main target (note health bar)
This may or may not be the center of your mission, it could well be a task that would have to be completed, to progress to to another stage, or more likely could be 1 of the many side quests, that you gain when on the instanced space missions.

  • Center - Capital Ship, has what appears to be secondary gun turrets. (seems like auto targeting system)
I'm not expecting these to be vital to you mission on a hole, I assume there more of an overall % kill rate. Where to get a higher reward for the mission you would have to get say 50% kill ratio. Getting a better kill rate would give you more loot/credits and theres the prospect of unlocking harder mods and missions.

My thoughts so far..... Well it does look nice, also seems to be a welcome side step off what will be the normal ground combat. That being said, its still a single player Tunnel shooter.
I'm sure BW has plans to edge in PvP and multi-player missions that don't follow this format, and also add to the quests they already have in place.

If they can make a JTL expansion like that of SWG, and still add these mini games TOR will a valid contender as the greatest MMO EVER!!!! (Take That WOW Fans)

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