Friday, 17 September 2010

Friday Update 17 Sep

At long last we have the Jedi Dev dispatch, after almost 2 years since TOR was revealed, the most iconic class in the Star Wars world come to light.

There is quite a bit of info that you can chomp through in the video, but 1 point I found most interesting is from the Jedi consular. It states that when choosing the healing spec, that your companion will become stronger. It seems to hint that, the consular healing spec companion will most likely have the strongest of all the companions there is.

This will be great news to everyone who plans to roll this class from the start. Normally after a very short time in MMO's, the full support healing spec has to find a group to lvl in any effective way. With having almost all your adv skills as buffs and heals makes you lacking to other classes around you in PvE, and there for makes your leveling experience greatly diminished compared to all of the other classes around you.
Even with your story trailered for your class, making your own leveling experience play to your strengths. You would be to level quite will with-in your own story ark. Though when getting back to the open world, and the every day MOB grind you would be very lacking to the other classes around you.
Having this extra powerful companion, goes along way to even the playing field if you choose to compete with everyone else if you decide to gear grind solo.

The Transdosan looks to be confirmed as the consular companion, it seems quite fitting to have a good tank powerhouse by your side.

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