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Crafting Update

1st off shout out to ShavedEwok from the SWTOR forums.
Who linked
and did a summary of an interview with Daniel Erikson taken from Chronic Reload PodCast.

The interview seems to be from this years EA Winter Showcase.

Although there are lots of interesting general tidbits on the game (development, features etc), I'll focus my quick rundown on the Crew Skills (Crafting, Gathering and Missions):

Gathering and Crafting
  • Further indications that it's your companions, not you as a player, who are doing all the actual gathering and crafting.

  • There are Mission Skills that come automatically with Gathering Skills.

  • When finding resources while out in the field, you can remotely assign companions on your ship to gather them.
Some select quotes on Gathering and Crafting:

So, you don't go pick up the thing, you go: "Hey you, go get that". You don't craft the boots, you're in your ship and you've got a whole craft... and you say: "You, go make me some boots".

...there's the gathering, there's the crafting, but you don't do any of it, because you're Darth vader and Darth Vader does not make boots. Your companion characters do all of that.

...there are also mission skills that come automatically with the gathering skills, so while you can be out in the field and say: "Hey oh I spotted that thing, let's gather that up", you could also call the people back on your ship... and say: "Hey, go find me some of these ingredients, because later I'm gonna want somebody to make me some boots".

So the big [thread?] of innovations for it is: You don't do it, your crew does it. You don't have to be there while they do it, you can just call them back on the ship... and you don't even have to be online. You can send everybody their marching orders, log off for the night, log in the next day and find out what everybody brought you.

- Daniel Erickson, BioWare

  • There's a cost and a time for sending your companions on missions.

  • Missions run from being 5 minutes to 24 hours in length.

  • Diplomacy missions are for getting Dark Side or Light Side points.

  • All companions have bonuses for different Crew Skills (e.g. Treasure Hunting).

  • Sending a companion to do Treasure Hunting is a kind of dice roll which depends on how much time is invested.

  • Treasure Hunting mission "dice rolls" also have crits, bringing you higher quality loot occasionally.

Some select quotes on Missions:

The mission system allows you to send your companions that are not with you on missions themselves... and there's a cost to do it, there's a time to do it. The missions run from being 5 minutes to being 24 hours and then there's a reward for it.

Diplomacy is for Light Side and Dark Side points...

I want Dark Side points. Oh, it turns out that there is a system out on the edge of unknown space and their ambassador is refusing to [pitulate?] to the Emperor, I'm going to send one of my companion characters out there to convince him otherwise. We go out there, we wait until the time is up. He comes back, we get a report, we find out if he did good or did bad. If successful we get a nice chunk of Dark Side points. We're spreading the influence out there.

Vette actually has a bonus to Treasure Hunting, all the companions actually have bonuses for different crew skills.

So we say: "Hey [Vette] you go get me some cool gear"... and it really is sort of a dice roll... and depending on how much time you invest in it obviously your chances of getting something good is even better... and there are crits, so you can get something really really good every once in a while.

- Daniel Erickson, BioWare
Again, there's lots of other interesting info in this interview, but I focused on the aspects of the Crew Skills.

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