Monday, 29 November 2010

Friday Brings Us SONIC!!!

Well almost, but I cant help seeing the resemblance.

Friday update brings us in my option another none update. Though I have said I would no longer update these types of scraps, I could not help myself when I seen the Terentatek.

Updates like this have me concerned about the release date all over again. As BW could release 10 times as much as they have, and still have ample to take them well into mid summer.

TOR is pegged to be 1 of the biggest MMO's to date, it already has a large amount of planets and more story content that never repeats across the classes. Yet they release just 5 new inhabitants on the HoloNet.

For me these should be added extras on a Friday not the hole content release.

But on the up side I'm quite looking forward to killing this hedgehog after clamming a lot of my youth.

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