Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Friday Update - WarZones

I know its kind of late, but after a short holiday heres the Friday update.

After 2 years of waiting and speculating, we have are first teaser of END-GAME combat.

This first snip-it is of the Alderaan warzone, this is a group PvP combat area, that pits you against your opposite faction.
This is a capture the flag type instance, thats has a few objectives to complete to win the scenario. Although this is nothing new is the way BW have constructed the instance, I have found in the past with things like SWG and Unreal Tournament. These are by far the most fun packed way of participating in PvP.

With the added commentary with which objects you have done, and yet to do is a nice bonus twist. Also gaining exp and some kind of point system for items, something like tokens from WOW. It gives added incentives to enter PvP that is outside the normal gank squads.

You can enter an instance from anywhere within the world by a queue system. You are then matched to a group by level. Though there is not much info about this, it does leave you thinking you may not be able to get in the same instance as your buddy's.
If indeed it has a random generator for groups, it could leave you with mindless zombies that will make up your extended group. Not given you an option in who you play with would be a crazy way of trying to move forward in warzones.
As we all know, when you find like minded people within a guild. You get to know there tactics and you can plan an attack over time and training. Having warzones that chuck you into a totally random group, would take all of the benefits of having a ready made group.

I'm sure BW has thought about this (though no info atm) and will give you an option of taking a pre-made group into the instances. If they have not, then DARN, get someone fired NOW!!!!

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