Saturday, 13 November 2010

Planet Nelvaan revealed early?

Those clever guys over at have spotted something very nice in 1 of the missions.

In the brand new Crew Skills video, at 1.53, you can see one of the diplomatic missions is to the planet Nelvaan. According to - the planet is -

A planet in the Koobi star system, Nelvaan is a primitive world of low gravity experiencing the onset of an ice age. Three moons orbit Nelvaan. It was in close proximity to Tythe. A world without a terrible amount of gravity, it was home to several massive life forms, including the vicious Horax.

Nelvaan is also dominated by a landscape of precarious mesas that would have fallen in standard gravity worlds. These mesas are home to the primitive Nelvaanians—blue-furred lupine humanoids. Lacking a planetary government and holding no allegiance to either the Separatists or Republic, it was a rarely visited world useful only to Bothans, who regularly siphoned water from the glacial fields, a practice that did not concern the Nelvaanians.

It seems to be that of a new planet, that has yet to be revealed. A missed leak or left in by BW for us to find ? Who really cares planets are cool and the more we get the better.

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