Wednesday, 15 December 2010

7 More Do The 5 Hour Hands On Review Of TOR

As my last post of a 5 hour game time hands on with IGN.
I did a little pocking around, and as you would expect there were not the only 1's to get some game time.

p.s Be warned lots to read if you continue onwards.

Well I have turned up a few sites that have indeed had the game time, these include are very own ToroCast and Darth Hater. So lets get on with it, oh and do put away some time to get though them.

ToroCast - Has a podcast up and a few posts from Brandon's hands on time.
Darth Hater - Has done a full frontal assault on time on classes and even had time to post a few interviews. - Also has interviews that are very interesting as well as time on reviews.

Here's more with the same, many links much time reading all good fun :)


Estimated reading time for all, well who really is going to count ?
If you follow TOR its 1 of those things you don't even think about. Good luck all.

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