Sunday, 30 January 2011

Friday Update FLASH.... AAASSHHH !!!

Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan  FLASH.... AAASSHHH !!! Your the hero of the Universe.

Flash indeed, a nice Friday update.

Some missions are too dangerous for just one hero. In Flashpoints, players team up with others to confront monumental challenges at pivotal moments in the game story. Fight deadly foes, make decisions that determine the outcome of the story, and get some of the best rewards in the galaxy as you and your allies experience Flashpoints.
The new Flashpoints Game Systems page features more detailed information about Flashpoints along with an exclusive video look at Taral V, a never-before-seen Flashpoint from the game. Get ready for great multiplayer action in Flashpoints in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

Many will not like the fact that there is a large type boss in this flash point, really I'm not too bothered about having a boss in raids and FP's.
Some will say its not heroic and against what Start Wars stands for. For me the Death Star, was just a big old bad boss, that had a weakness, and you had to find that weakness to overcome it. So I'm not overly concerned in the slightest, some of my greatest memory's, came from killing some elite boss like this.

The GFX are again, much improved from other footage we have seen. And I still say the Trooper looks well bad ass !

With the 2 last updates, in the last 2 consecutive weeks, I'm getting the impression that BW are well and truly on the way to giving out a heap more info, on TOR.
With PaxEast looming very close, to get updates like these are a dream. I for 1 did not think we would get anything like the last 2 updates, just before the event.

Maybe it's a push before the hush, but for me, atm its all good :)

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