Tuesday, 1 February 2011

EA Q3 2011 Roundup

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 Because I'm not the most attentive person in the world, I did not take everything down, as I know someone would do that anyway.

So a Big UPS to Ask A Jedi for doing all the hard work :)

The following is a round up of what went down :-

[5:01pm] – John Riccitiello – continue to concentrate on fewer, bigger, better games
[5:04pm] – Focus on digital – growth 39% year over year
[5:05pm] – Announce a $600 million share buyback
Note: there is no mention of TOR or FY12 in any of the released documentation.
[5:19pm] – TOR will ship in Calendar 2011, after Fiscal 2011 – in Fiscal 2012
[5:20pm] – Will not share more detail until next quarter. They
Note: So basically, nothing has changed but we’ve got no new information. The release is still on track for FY12, CY 11. The window is a little bigger than most TOR fans may want to hear though :)
[5:22pm] – Just ran through a list of releases, which didn’t include TOR
Note: They seem to be keeping specific TOR info close to the chest for competitive reasons.
Note: So, look for TOR release info when they talk about Q4 earnings, sometime in May.
[5:28pm] – Q&A Starting, we are queued up for one.
[5:34pm] – Question About TOR business model
[5:35pm] – “Another north of a million is a substantially profitable business”
[5:36pm] – “Don’t refer to gamer blogs for guidance” (re: EA Louse $300 million budget crap.)
[5:38pm] – “Game is looking very good – beta scale testing over the coming months”
[5:49pm] –  Mike Hickey from Janco just asked a question… non TOR-related.
[5:52pm] – Piper Jaffray – Asked “How big is the opportunity for Star Wars, in terms of # of users?”
[5:53pm] – EA Comments on their “chief competitor” having 12 million subscriptions, but doesn’t have to challenge the market leader. But also have no intention to remain a “distant” #2
[5:56pm] – “The market will be receptive to light sabers vs. swords.”
[6:00pm] – Q&A and Call is wrapping up.

Biggest thing I got from all this in respect to TOR, is that game testing seems to be getting filled out some what in the next few months. Not sure how many more will get a taste, or how many there is testing atm. But anything that give us a little hope is alway good :)

Sadly no clear cut release date has come in, though on the bright side, TOR could still ship in the spring.
Lets hope PaxEast sheds more light on this subject, as every follower is itching to get there hands on this game.

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  1. I'm glad they addressed some of the rumors. They need to be very polished to succeed with RIFT setting the polish bar very high. RIFT is coming out of nowhere blind siding the market. I hope they do well and I hope EA is taking notes.