Friday, 11 February 2011

TOR News Shorts 11 Feb

Its really nice to start this weeks news shorts, on a good and positive note.

Of course I'm referring to the long awaited return of The Galactic Holofeed 
Well known in  among avid TOR postcast followers as having the longest (in time) pods around.
It just warms the cockles to see them back, with now co-hosts and show format.
Welcome back peeps.

Now to the Dev Tracker -

I'll start with what I consider the most epic post :)

Originally Posted by Lt_Latency View Post
I'm petty sure you can solo all of them.

They have plans for you to be able to make choice if you are alone and then if you have a group. So you can do them by yourself.

I think then changed based on whether you are along or in a group.
I'm pretty sure you can't solo them all...

That's because I have a looping video of Darth Vader explaining the price of failure as a screensaver along with the words: "Failure ... a player in the Game Testing Program soloing a Flashpoint".

We might or might not ease that definition for the introductory Flashpoint - that's certainly possible if testing tells us it is needed - but once you're past the opening period of the game, Flashpoints sit squarely in full group difficulty territory.

Don't worry - there's plenty of exciting content for the solo player, too. 

Well all I can think of is that screen saver :) and BW's brain washing knack seems to be doing wonders.

The next 2 are also from GeorgZoeller  

 General Discussion -; Game is Heavily instanced

For the average planet, I'd say that 85+% of space is located in open, non phased areas.

That's average of course. Origin planets, with their focus on introducing the player to the story and their character, generally have a higher density of phased space, while vast open planets like Hoth or Tatooine have less in relation to their huge size.
And - 

General Discussion -> Preventing of one side Dominating
Originally Posted by Silvers View Post

If I pay for the game I should be able to play what I want.
I agree with that statement. 

Well not to cut and paste too much, as all the info you can find over on the SWTOR forums. It has been yet another Dev packed week, and a few good bits of info has come again.

Long may it continue...

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