Sunday, 1 May 2011

Screen Shot From SWTOUR & Friday Update

We got a sneak-peak at this weeks update of the Sith Warrior Progression Video, at the SWTOUR. This being the 1st collaboration from Brooks and Brandon. I can say the boys did good :)

The other part of this weeks Friday update. Came with a Dev Blog - Working On The User Interface.


It is kind of nice to see how the game has progressed along the way. To what BioWare have now in the latest build. 

I understand that this weeks update has been well and truly, overshadowed from the mass of news coming from the SWTOUR weekend. 

Both normally would get great attention, this has be thwarted by the Fan Site Summit News that also hit this week.Which is a shame as both these have a wealth of information.


  1. Is just me or does his swings feel really powerful. Example in the early part of the video with the training saber.. you slmot wince as he slams that down on the guys collar bone.

    A lot of people are moaning about the armour progression but I think it looks fantastic.. I think theres a lot who believe this is waht you get but underestimate the customization that'll be involved.

  2. Well when we had the preview I shouted OP :P