Thursday, 5 May 2011

This Weeks News Round Up 5th May

It been a week dominated by the SWTOUR event. Some great information has come to light from all sites that the call to visit BioWare Austin.

Darth Hater
Mos Eisley Radio
Corellian Run Radio
Ask A Jedi

If you have not done so already, as if :P Go and see what each has to offer.

Of course this is not the only news to hit this week. Here is a few you may have missed.

With May the 4th behind us for another year. It would not be right not to show some love for Star Wars day.


The most Epic Dev post to ever grace the SWTOR forums, by the way of GeorgZoeller. I will not cut/paste it all here but be sure you check this out here, and its all true :)

The 1st Yufmelt Podcast is out. You can tune in here. I've not had a chance to check this 1 out yet but head over and show them some support.

Also another 1st from this time its a VodCast.This one I quite liked, I do hope is going to be a weekly update.

The 4th also seen the EA Q4 Earnings Call. As always Darth Hater had this event covered really well.

What I will say is a bit of good news came to light in regards to the TOR release date. BioWare and EA are pushing for a Q3 release (July -September 2011) It may fall after this date but they have a clear goal of bringing the release sooner than most would of hoped for.

And last but not least. You may want to check this site out Pazaak Cantina Online. A nice little time waster for all those waiting on the the game.

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