Monday, 14 November 2011

Friday Update - Beta For All


This is the the update everyone has been hoping for. This Friday every follower of TOR has will have had an e-mail saying they will be getting a weekend beta test in the next few weeks.

Anyone that has signed up for beta testing before 11/11/2011 will at some point be getting some much needed hands on game time.
The main object is to stress test the server and give the many followers of the game a quick joy-ride.

Those that register after 11/11 are still eligible to test TOR by gaining beta keys that have been given out to some of the media site.

You can find all the details and the site giving out code here.

Choose Your Side: Inquisitor vs. Trooper

This week we also see the latest video of the trooper v the inquisitor. Not many new skills (if any) that we have not already seen. But this is a good match up and with me rolling a trooper I'm liking the BFG's.

Yet there is something hypnotic about shooting lighting out of your hands that just gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. The same feeling I had from playing the bounty hunter and burning peoples faces off.
Just something that you don't get from other games.

News also hit that BioWare will be taking TOR to DreamHack in Sweden on Nov 24th - 27th. This event runs none stop from Thursday 8am until 8am on the Sunday. My kind of gaming eat sleep and game not all in that order.
Looks like the SWTOR team will be running shifts on this event, good luck with that peeps.

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