Monday, 23 January 2012

TOR Is Evolving

One month out and we hear SWTOR is going from strength to strength.


The first bit is a free title of Founder. This title is given to those that have payed for continued subs to the game before March 19th.
I do not use titles of any kind in-game as I find them too messy, yet maybe a year or two on I may display this one as it will let other know you were there in the beginning.

Coming Up in STAR WARS: The Old Republic

This is the big news this week. The future of what to expect in the coming months with TOR. Guild banks, a PvP ranking, new content/warzones and UI customization all the things that are very important for any mmo.

And can you believe it that we are gaining such a major update so soon after launch ?

May it long continue, TOR is already my most liked MMO to-date. Sure its not perfect and yes there are more that one or two things that need addressing. But all in all all of those things do not subtract from how fun this game is to play. And at the end of the day that is why we as gamers play games.

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  1. Oh wow these updates was just awesome I tell you. Makes you love swtor even more