Friday, 13 August 2010

Jedi Knight HoloNet Update!

At last we have the update for the Jedi knights. With advanced classes, holo update and your 1st companion.

Although we have seen this in PC Gamer, its nice to have BW give us the holo update and video also.


  1. I saw a couple complains about the chunky animation, but I love the looks of the game. BioWare is doing a great job getting this game out to the masses. They don't need top of the line everything to be a great game. A great game is a fun game. So far, this game looks fun

  2. Yes there were a lot of complaints about the GFX, tho most were based off early alpha stages.
    Back then the game looked modeled from play doh, with the hair was a major concern.
    The game is coming in leaps and bounds every update we get.