Sunday, 8 August 2010

Space content coming on 11th

News coming from swtor-station they have come up with news that the space content due out in PC Gamer on the 19th Aug, is in fact getting released in Germany on the 11th Aug.

Below is the mag cover and the extract from swtor-station (as I don't speak German) :)

It looks like we will know more about space combat sooner than expected: the German magazine PC Gamer will feature a TOR special dealing with space combat and class details this Wednesday.

The editors of PC Action visited BioWare and brought some interesting details with them. The following is to expect this Wednesday, 11th August, according to the magazine's official website:
The RPG Gods BioWare make Blizzard's MMO throne tremble with Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2011. Will they succeed with their coup? We visited the developers in their Canadian home and brought along some impressions from the galaxy and some in-depth information on space combat. For sure, you will be informed all-encompassingly by our epic 10 page special: planets, cultures, character classes - if BioWare ever forgets about a detail, they'll take a look at those pages!
We're excited if the announcement stays true to its promises. You can be sure that we will try to get hands on the issue as early as possible on Wednesday morning and translate the most important details into English.

So expect to see the space content sooner than the 19th as again, Germany is way ahead or the rest of the world on TOR updates.

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