Sunday, 8 August 2010

Railed space Combat ?

In the PC Action 09/10 it has been claimed that space combat will be railed. Below are a few quotes from PC Action, and sadly space combat looks like an after thought. BW seems to have just chucked it in, out of necessity.
Like many I was looking forward to a nice get away from normal ground combat. Now it seems that space is has come about just to have space. Not a well flushed out alternative combat system.

Will I still play ? Sure I will though a good space experience would of been the icing on the cake.

Lets hope BW can pull this off, as leaving as it is or looks like, it will let the rest of the game down.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a better fleshed out crafting system, I hope that BW is not just planning that the story will make future players forget all the after thought stuff like combat, crafting, PvP and raids.

Story is good but it does not make a game, and it wont hold an mmo together for any length of time. A good mmo has to have every thing working together, a few small failings along the way will make players lease in droves.
"The space combat is similar at first glance appeared the 1993 Rebel Assault. You fly from a predefined path and slams from opponents. This way of playing is called tunnel-shooter."
"Spaceship combat is not the core of the game, but a quick snack. Players who have no interest, must play it either."

"A complexity as in X-Wing or TIE Fighter is not available, the space combat is more for casual players."

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