Wednesday, 11 August 2010

TOR Tunnel Shooter And You

If you are following TOR at all, its hard to miss the debate that is going on in the swtor forums, about the latest update on space combat.

So you may ask yourself how does this type of space combat update affect you and everything around you.
Well let get to the basics here with what a tunnel shooter is.

A tunnel shooter is where you get zipped along a given route.
This is a predetermined path and you have very little control over your direction and speed. The only thing you can do is move around some objects that are placed in your way and shoot targets as they arrive.
PC Gamer released some info on the combat, not a lot mind you, but you do get a small understanding of where space is heading.

Quests will take from 2-20 min's. So they are described as snacks, and alternative game play feature. They are depicted are fast paced mini games in space.
Quests update on the fly (is you wish) these type of small quest lines will attract the casual gamer who does not spend hours at a time playing in the MMO world.
Missions are atm single player only, with speculation on adding multi player missions and PvP at a later date.

The reasoning behind this approach goes back to JTL from SWG update, and how drastically different it was to the rest of the game. So instead of having a more free play experience, they opted for a scripted more controlled gaming system.
Though no matter what you did in space you can not get the same feeling as you would trough your ground combat. Unless that was just to jump from 1 ship to another and fight hand to hand like you would on 1 of the many given worlds.

Many avid followers of TOR have voiced there outrage to this style of game-play. The way many see it you cant PvP on a rail, you need to have free roaming, be-able to control your speed direction and play with others.
Racing round a track in space is not a good formula for good space PvP.

One major question that many have passed by is, will it be fun ? I'm sure it will be. But this is an
MMO and TOR having a tag of being a single player MMO, this type of single player mission ain't helping BW rep in any way shape or form. Its more of a duck shoot than a fight sim, which what a lot of followers expected when space was announced.

The fastest trigger wins on this type of play, very little in the way of tactics will be taken into account.

Time will tell on this 1, i'm not holding much hope that a full go anywhere multi player space experience will come around anytime soon.

Like many others around the forums, I think this game just took 1 massive step backwards, in terms of the that all important Star Wars multi player experience, that we were all looking to live in for many years to come.

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