Sunday, 12 September 2010

Blaine Christine Interveiw @ Pax

You can find the hole interview over at Massively.

As we can expect there no great revelations here, but I did find 1 part of great importance, to me as an avid crafter.

I know you have said much about crafting, but what can you tell me at this point?

We haven't announced details, yet. What I can say is we are hammering out the details of that design right now, and it is going to be different from what people expect. And from what we've tested internally right now, it's very cool, very exciting. I think it's a different take on crafting than what people will be expecting. It's not the standard implementation. It's going to be a treat

By the looks of it, it really is a far cry from the announced system they have said that would be in place, "a WOW with a twist". Frankly with the space combat and a few naff adv class names aside. Crafting is my biggest worry with TOR just a few months away.

If BW gets this part of the game vastly wrong it really could be a deal braker, for me and many like me. Since Ultima online (my 1st mmo) i've been hooked on crafting. Many years had passed till SWG and EVE online could match this very early crafting system.

So again I am infused with hope with this statement, just let crafters do there thing, and make the items created usefull.

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