Sunday, 12 September 2010

Friday's Update Planet & Comic

2 things this week, 1st the web comic Blood of the Empire #11 can be found here.
Not going to try to rune it for anyone but it's a very interesting part of the story.

Next we get a new planet.
Darn got to love planets, after Dev videos this is my second favorite update. This time round we get Corellia. Anyone that played SWG will remember this planet well, though this time round the planet is locked in a war. So expect it to look radially different to the pleasant city's that we came to expect in SWG.

The Holonet has been updated with planet info with a few screens also, and to top it all off theres a video on said planet. The Holonet update can be found here and the video is below, enjoy :)

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